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Conversation is 100% human. We need to move beyond unrealistically simple interactions and create a more natural dialogue between humans and technology. We'll hear from these talented folks about how to do that.


Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sydney and author of How We Talk: The Inner Workings of Conversation 

Enfield is head of a Research Excellence Initiative on The Crisis of Post-Truth Discourse. His research on language, culture, cognition and social life is based on long term field work in mainland Southeast Asia, especially Laos.


Senior Product Manager, Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Interactions LLC

After more than 20 years of experience in Natural Language Processing research, Michaud established herself as a thought leader in the application of conversational AI toward excellent customer self-service experiences. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and has been published in multiple international journals.

Lisa Michaud 

The Human Behind the Curtain


Principal UX Researcher for Emerging Technologies, Answer Lab

Geison's interest in conversational interfaces draws from his education in literary theory, careers in marketing & product management as well as behavioral health counseling, and numerous studies as a UX researcher. He has presented his work at UXRC Strive, UXPA, Radical Research Summit, VOICE Summit, VUX World podcast, and to clients in a wide variety of industries. A graduate of Brown University, Chris lives in San Francisco with his wife, their daughter, and an imaginary panther named Winston.

Chris Geison  

Conversational Cars & Homes: Emerging Tech & Context-Driven Design


Conversation Architect, Banter Technology

McKienzie has been creating voice user interfaces since 2000. Her designs have improved customer conversations for dozens of organizations in a variety of business domains. She was a founding Board Member of the Association of Voice Interaction Design (AVIxD) and spearheaded the creation of AVIxD’s VUI design guidelines.


Senior Conversation Designer, Google

Bloom was previously the UX Research Lead for the social robot Jibo, named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2017. Jon was also Senior Voice User Interface Manager for Nuance Communications, where he sat on Nuance’s Innovation Steering Committee. Over his 20-year career, Jon has designed graphic, speech, and multimodal user interfaces for robots, IVR’s, dictation software, cars, and mobile applications.  He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the New School for Social Research.

Jonathan Bloom  

Designing for Right Now


Voice UI/UX Design Leader, Sound United

Thymé-Gobbel has focused her career on understanding how people use speech and natural language to communicate with each other and with technology. As Head of UX and Design at 22otters, she designed multi-modal conversational mobile interfaces for patient self-care. At Nuance, she worked on multiple client projects, established VUI best practices based on user data, and taught others the ins and outs of voice design. She's been a VUI designer at Amazon Lab 126, and done R&D in language ID, emotion detection, and discourse structure. Ann is co-author of the upcoming book Voice-First Development and holds a PhD in Cognitive Science and Linguistics from UC San Diego.

Ann Thymé-Gobbel

Conversational Technology is Brittle


CEO, Banter Technology, Points Made co-founder

Susan Hura


Product Management and Design leader, Points Made co-founder

Phillip Hunter


Points Made Speakers

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