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Points Made Answers

Why Points Made?

We're not content to have the same old conversations about conversational interfaces. You too? Let’s change the script. Let’s stop ignoring the uniquely human elements that determine how every one of us interacts with conversational interfaces and include the richness and variety we use every day. Let's create dialogue that goes beyond unrealistically simplified interactions and build social, psychological, linguistic, and ethical factors into human-machine conversations. Each of us has conversational capabilities that have been honed by thousands of years of evolution and a lifetime of experience. Points Made exists so that our work can better meet human expectations.

How big will the forum be?
We’re keeping attendance to around 150 people to ensure stimulating and provocative discussion about building human-level quality into human-machine conversations. 

Will the sessions be recorded?
At this time there are no plans to record the sessions. More reason to save your seat now!

Is there a code of conduct?
Absolutely. We want your Points Made experience to be amazing. To keep things safe, inclusive, and fun, we’ve created a code explaining our expectations for all attendees, speakers, and staff. 

The Points Made code of conduct

What can I tell my boss so I can attend?

We can help! Head over to our News page for a prewritten email you can use.


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