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Why Points Made

Exactly 100 days from today, we’ll be in Minneapolis at the inaugural Points Made Forum. Over the next 100 days, we’ll be sharing our reasons for launching a new conversation conference and why we’re so excited about this event.

What’s the point of another conversational AI event? There are already plenty of conferences in this space and we’ve enjoyed participation at many of them. Other events tend to focus on technology platforms and business opportunities, and we see the value of this for growing our industry. But we also perceive a gap surrounding the most pressing issues for conversation designers and product managers.

The point behind Points Made is to address the psychological, social, and cultural impacts of conversing with machines, brought on by the explosive growth of automated interactions with assistants, smart speakers, and chatbots. To do this, we’re gathering those on the front lines discussing how technology adapts to the richness of human interaction.

We created Points Made because we believe in the power and promise of interacting conversationally with technology, driven by AI and other intelligent automation. We believe that the way to best achieve that potential is to invest more in understanding and using the concepts of human conversation.

Join us June 3-4 in Minneapolis, MN as we create a new momentum toward making human experiences with machines that work and feel better.

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