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New Forum Focusing on the Psychological, Social, and Cultural Impacts of Conversing with Machines

Points Made Forum gathers designers and experts on the front lines of human/machine interaction to improve how technology adapts to working with people.

Points Made Forum was created by conversation design experts Phillip Hunter and Susan Hura to explore the ways designers are addressing conversational interactions with machines. From October 22-23 in Minneapolis, MN, conversation and chatbot designers and managers, along with voice UI and UX designers and managers, will participate in sessions on how to move beyond unrealistic, simple interactions and create a more natural and nuanced dialogue between humans and technology.

“Points Made aims to spark and fuel the discussions that many designers and solutions have skipped,” said co-founder Phillip Hunter. “The explosive growth of smart speakers and chatbots have pushed us straight into implementing automated interactions without considering the profound psychological, social, and cultural impacts that the act of conversing with machines has on human beings,” added fellow co-founder Susan Hura.

A sampling of the experts in the field of conversational design speaking at Points Made include:

Nick Enfield - Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sydney and director of the Sydney Social Science and Humanities Advanced Research Centre

Gretchen McCulloch - Internet Linguist and author

Chris Geison - Principal UX Researcher for Emerging Technologies, Answer Lab

Jonathan Bloom - Senior Conversation Designer, Google

This new forum creates an intimate setting where attendees and speakers can engage in conversations that explores the next generation of human and technology interaction. The inaugural event is limited to 150 participants and is expected to sell out quickly.

To learn more about Points Made, the speakers, agenda and to register, visit http://pointsmade.net.

About Points Made

Points Made was created by voice design experts Susan Hura, CEO of Banter Technology and Phillip Hunter, Senior Principal Designer along with conference producer Lauren Cramer of Turn-Key Events. The goal of Points Made is to tackle the need of creating more humanized interactions with machines and to spark and fuel the discussions that most of the industry has skipped.

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