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People Love Chatbots?

Well, some people apparently say some things that indicate they at least strongly don't mind them. :)

Search Engine Journal reports on a study from Uberall showing cautious optimism on the part of consumers when it comes to chatbots featured by their preferred brands.

“There’s definitely growing interest in branded chatbot experiences, but most consumers still need convincing,” said Florian Huebner, Co-CEO and Co-Founder. “...chatbots could easily become another spam channel. Brands have to do a better job creating AI experiences that customers find personalized, helpful and worthwhile.”

Our take is to look at a blend of the stats and see that people enjoy conversational interfaces that work well, feel natural, and most importantly get them what they want. They see the possibility of that coming and are willing to see where the trend goes. Of course, the work of the conversation designer will be among the critical elements to achieve good outcomes.

Join us at Points Made to see how to be part of that!

Summary article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/80-of-consumers-love-chatbots-heres-what-the-data-says-study/

Original study: https://uberall.com/en/press-releases/study-80-of-consumers-report-chatbot-experiences-as-positive-yet-nearly-60-still-lack-strong-enthusiasm-for-the-technology-according-to-new-uberall-study

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