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Making The Point About Points Made With Your Boss

What can you tell your leadership so you can attend?

Trying to convince your manager to let you attend Points Made? We’ve created a customizable email template you can use to prove the value of joining us!

Dear [your manager’s name],

I’d like to attend the Points Made Forum, an event for conversation designers focused on the future of conversational AI and human-machine interactions. The forum is in Minneapolis, MN on June 3 - 4.

Attending this will benefit my professional growth and our company’s expertise by:

· Boosting our proficiency to move beyond simplistic interactions and create a more natural dialogue between humans and technology

· Building conversational best practices through multiple interactive sessions and networking with other designers

· Learning valuable conversation design methods from experts in the field

If I register with code BOSS, I can save $70. Here’s a breakdown of the total budget I need:

Domestic airfare $300

Hotel for 1 night $200

Registration Fee $625

Total $1,025

Please let me know if I have your approval to attend this design expertise growth opportunity.

Thank you!

[your name]

Of course, if you have any questions, reach out: hello@pointsmade.net.

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