Conversation design for humans

Smart speakers, intelligent assistants, chatbots, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more. The conversation revolution is here and the skills to design for it are in demand.

Day 1 of Points Made focuses on creating effective conversational products. Let's reality check the potential of conversational technology, discover which business problems conversation can address and discuss methods for evaluating conversational interactions.


Day 2  on the practice of conversation design. Learn how to create intuitive interactions with imperfect technology and explore conversation as a cooperative social behavior. Join us for roundtable discussions on inclusive design & first principles in conversation design.

Points Made is a forum for conversation designers—created by designers—where we can explore the why and how behind good conversation.

Many conferences focus on the technology that makes conversation possible rather than the vital social, psychological, linguistic, and ethical aspects of creating conversations with machine.


Points Made is a forum for asking deeper questions and working together toward meaningful answers.

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